PRIMED 186771
PRIMED 186771
PRIMED 186771
PRIMED 186771
PRIMED 186771
PRIMED® Medical Face Mask 186771
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Product details

This high filtration mask sourced by PRIMED offers the highest level of filtration available in a non-N95 Mask. Combine that with Level 2 equivalent fluid resistance, Model 186771 masks were designed for use in the fight against COVID-19 and are the #1 mask provided to frontline workers by the Canadian Government. These are now available now.

The masks ensure a secure fit over the nose and across the cheeks, with elastic ear loops and a durable, plastic enclosed double wire nose-piece.

Model 186771 masks meet and exceed the following ASTM requirements:

  • ≥98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (ASTM Level 3 equivalent)
  • ≥98% Particle Filtration Efficiency (ASTM Level 3 equivalent)
  • 120 mmHg Fluid-Resistance (ASTM Level 2 equivalent)

Procedural masks provide protection from fluids and particles that cause illness and infection and can be used as protection for asymptomatic individuals or to contain droplets from symptomatic individuals.